Interview with bridal gown designer of Rue de Seine, Michele Corty

Wit: How did you first become interested in fashion design?

Michele: My mother has been my greatest influence to date. Her personal style and wardrobe inspired me to follow trends and pursue a career in design. After finishing design school I knew fashion was the only thing I wanted to do.

Wit: We love that you designed your own wedding dress! What inspired you when designing it?

Michele: I was inspired mainly by Paris. It's history and romance was the main influence of my gown.

Wit: What was the process like?

Michele: Fun... stressful...gratifying. Before creating my own gown, I traveled around France looking for lace factories and artisans who worked with some of the large design houses in Paris. It was fascinating to see where everything was made and to source pieces for my own gown. Still today I work with the same people for the Rue de Seine collection. Supporting these artisans means the world to me.

Wit: What influenced you to launch your own bridal line, Rue de Seine?

Michele: I started designing after my own wedding. I was so inspired by all the laces and fabrics, that I knew this is what I wanted to do and the next step in my career.

Wit: You have worked internationally (New York, Paris, New Zealand), have dressed A-list celebrities (Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore), and have been featured in major international magazines (French Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle). How have these experiences shaped Rue de Seine?

Michele: It has allowed me to look at bridal from a different perspective. Wedding gowns has become the ultimate form of fashion expression and every season we work towards pushing boundaries so our dresses are as unique as our brides.

Wit: Congrats on the launch of your beautiful 2014-2015 collection! Tell us about the design process for the 'Young Love' collection.

Michele: Thank you so much! The entire team worked very hard this season on creating unique fabrics, embroideries, and silhouettes. We already knew the look we wanted for 'Young Love,' but it was not until many mood boards and several fabric deliveries later did everything come together!

Wit: Who would you most like to design a wedding dress for?

Michele: I was actually watching Lorde on television the other day and thought how amazing it would be to make her wedding gown one day.

Photography credit (from top to bottom): Jean-laurent Gaudy and Michele Corty