Interview with Lauren Crispin of The Mews of Notting Hill, specializing in French Bridal Couture

The Mews of Notting Hill, located in the UK, is hosting a pop up shop in New York City with their French designers at The Gramercy Park Hotel on October 6-10, 2014. The Mews is now taking bookings for what is sure to be an incredible event.

Wit: Your shop exclusively features French designers. Can you describe the kind of bride that wears Laure de Sagazan or Rime Arodaky?

Lauren: The bride that is drawn to our exclusive designers Laure de Sagazan and Rime Arodaky are looking for something unique yet effortlessly beautiful. They are usually very fashion forward with a key eye for detail. 

Wit: What are brides' favorite pieces from their collections?

Lauren: Every bride is different with their preferences in our collection. The two piece designs have been particularly popular as this is a very different twist to the traditional wedding dress still giving the desired elegant look but with a more relaxed feel.

Wit: Do these designers create wedding veils to be paired with their gowns? What accessories are best to create a French wedding look?

Lauren: Laure de Sagazan has a couple of really beautiful silk veils in her collection framing her designs beautifully with a very subtle effect. We also have exclusive french accessories designer called Rhapsodie Paris. They create handmade headpieces with french calais lace and silks matching our dresses perfectly. 

Wit: We are eagerly awaiting Laure de Sagazan's 2015 collection. How do you think her collection will differ from her 2014 collection?

Lauren: Laure de Sagazan and Rime Arodaky always ask for feedback from us and the brides that we have styled in the UK. With the feedback we provide they then take the points on board to inspire their new collection, filling the gaps that needed to be filled from previous styles. They see the whole creative process as a learning curve, and their priority is the bride and her happiness. 

Wit: Laure de Sagazan uses gorgeous crepe, georgette, silk crepe, and small jacquards. How do you determine which fabric and cut is ideal for your brides?

Lauren: The materials used in making the dresses that we have in Notting Hill are just stunning. All the dresses are lined in silk giving the bride a second skin feeling effect. Different shapes match different cuts and styles. Our dresses are extremely flattering - skimming over all the right places and emphasizing the key points.

Wit: Laure de Sagazan says that no design is fixed and is willing to redesign elements of dresses for a client. Have you had brides in your shop request a custom Laure de Sagazan?

Lauren: We can rework some of the styles that Laure de Sagazan has created, however, we like to try and stick as close to the designs as possible, as we believe she created the dress for a reason. With her incredible eye for detail you would not want to change the beautiful detailing and cut.

Wit: Since Laure de Sagazan is not sold in the United States, how can US brides purchase a gown through your store?

Lauren: We can ship dresses over to brides in the US and have done successfully in the past. You can call us or contact us via email. We discuss the styles that you are particularly interested in, and we will then help you narrow your choice down. Keep your venue in mind and also your personality in mind as you need to consider these in your big decision!

Wit: As a UK bridal stylist, what is your take on UK bridal style in comparison to American bridal style?

Lauren: I know there is a huge gap in the market for bridal dress styles that are effortless with a bohemian feel and a slight rock and roll edge in the US. American girls are yearning for this style, and we are happy to help deliver this! Every girl deserves to feel romantic and confident on their wedding day. You want to wear the dress, not have the dress wearing you, which a lot of the bigger, voluminous dresses that are available in the US are guilty of!

Wit: What advice do you have for brides when it comes to selecting their wedding gown?

Lauren: I advise to be very open minded. You do not wear wedding dresses everyday, and even though you might have an idea in mind, it may not always be what you end up falling in love with! Do lots of research as there are so many different options out there it can get a little bit overwhelming. But most of all, enjoy the experience. It is a very special journey and one that should be cherished and memorable. 

Photographs from The Mews of Notting Hill, Rime Arodaky, and Laure de Sagazan

Bridal Gowns designed by Rime Arodaky and Laure de Sagazan